Skicka nyhetsbrev på semestern

Why you should email your contacts during the summer

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When it’s summer and the sun is shining you should eat ice cream, take it easy and relax. Gathering strength for the autumn season. But summer can also be a great opportunity to remind people of your existence. Here are some great reasons to send newsletters and emails during summer time.

You can send emails from a hammock

To put together an email or newsletter sounds complicated but using the right tool it’s fairly quick and simple and you don’t need to set your level of ambition that high. Focus on a short and simple message and choose a nice image or two and you can manage to create an email even during time off.

Save time by scheduling your sendouts

You don’t need to work during your vacation. Create your newsletters well in advance and schedule them during your semester. Don’t forget to keep track of that they are sent away as they should and in case something happens in the outside world that changes the meaning of your message. Also read our blog post about planning your email marketing.

Most people check their emails even when they are off work

In today’s connected world, most people check their email even during vacations (even though they might not). Just as not to miss something important like a bill or a message from someone important. If you have an interesting message that feels relevant, preferably personal and not too selling, the chances are high that your email will be read even during the holidays.

Less competition for the readers

Many other companies stop sending emails during the summer when they don’t think it’s worth it and have time off themselves. Depending on what industry you are in and what your message is, it can sometimes be the right thing to do. But for others the summer can be a perfect opportunity to send emails. Less noise in the inbox makes your readers notice your message.

Get a head start for the autumn season

It may sound terrible but summer is short and soon autumn is here. By keeping in touch with your contacts and customers during the summer, you can stay one step ahead of the competition, not risk being forgotten and be top of mind when people start working again.

Time for reflection and energy to inspire others

During the spring and autumn it can be very stressful and a lot to think about. During your holiday you hopefully have more time to reflect and can gather energy to be able to spend time creating newsletters and emails which in turn can inspire your customers and contacts who also have more energy and time in the summer. Beware before autumn is here again!