Send better plain text emails

Get a better result by sending plain text emails

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It’s easy to get caught up in Minutemailer’s beautiful responsive templates and designs. But there’s a lot to be said for the humble plain text email—an email with only text. Here’s why a plain text email is an important part of email marketing and how to get the best out of the format.

Avoid getting spam flagged

Quite a few email experts would argue that a responsive email doesn’t trigger warning bells in the algorithms of the big email providers. Are you having problems getting through using designed emails give a plain text email a try.

Get a better result with plain emails

With chintzy pictures, graphics, colours and fonts to distract the reader, plain text emails often get far better results than an html alternative.

Plain emails are easy to make

With only the copy to create, you don’t have to stress about images (and the copyright restrictions that goes with them), colour selection and the design of your email. As far as we’re concerned, anything that lets you hit send quicker is a good thing to use.

A personal touch

For some reason, a plain text email always resonates in the audience’s mind as more personal. Psychologically, they seem more authentic. And when you think about the emails you might receive from your own personal contacts, it’s true. Seldom do we send a fully-designed words and pictures email to our nearest and dearest.

Work with typography

Just because it’s only words, doesn’t mean to say that you can’t still design a plain text email. Get creative with asterisks, punctuation marks and why not employ an old school =) or two while you’re at it. Split up paragraphs with a line break (the return key) to make it appear easier to read.

How to get the content right

As always, short and to the point always seems to win the day. And just as you would with a image + text email use titles and introductions if required to draw the reader into your content.

Activate the reader

While your plain text email won’t have images, you can still include calls to action and hyperlinks for the reader to follow. You’ll be able to track these under Result in your Minutemailer account after you’ve sent your mail as well, to help you hone your tactics in the future.

In short, your plain text email can be just as potent as a more extravagant responsive template. And they’re not to be overlooked as a part of your email marketing.

Don’t forget to send plain text emails!