Why we started Minutemailer

Why did we create Minutemailer?

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It all began when I started freelancing and wanted to update my professional network of contacts with what I was working on and how I could help them out. Sending emails was the perfect way of keeping them up to speed in an easy way.

Sure, there were (and are) lots of solutions to send a few mails at the same time to a mailing list, but they’re all so complicated and demanding from a user perspective. If you’re short on time, computer skills or money those mails probably won’t get sent at all.

The first version of Minutemailer was relatively limited when it came to design, and we got some great feedback from our customers to work from. So, with that in mind, we set about iterating.

To make a more powerful tool, we decided to test blending in some social media scheduling for our users. A nice little marketing packet that included email marketing, plus content scheduling for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We began to see that most of our users weren’t using the social media functions. Which was probably down to the channels themselves realising that people might want to have that function on the native sites. Not to mention that Facebook and Twitter were under fire about fake news and misuse of their platforms. Fine by us, email has always been a more powerful marketing tool, and (today) it’s easier to just use the scheduling functions on the social media channels you use.

Our latest release is the culmination of our learnings about what makes a good newsletter or piece of email marketing. We have optimized the platform even more to help you get there in the quickest, simplest way. Our goal is to become the worlds best platform for businesses that easily wants to activate and engage their contacts using email and beautiful newsletters.

What you see is just the beginning and we hope you want to join us for the ride.

If you haven’t tried it yet start a free account at minutemailer.com