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How we decided on the pricing model for Minutemailer

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It is not easy to find a pricing model that is easy to understand and fits all types of users, but we believe that after a lot of testing we have landed in something that works well for as many people as possible.

Many email services charge for the number of contacts and either the number of emails you send is unlimited or that it includes a certain number of emails per month.

We think different. We do not want it to cost anything to save your contacts in Minutemailer, so there is an unlimited number of contacts for all our plans. Initially, we had a large number of account plans but saw that there were users who used the service but sent newsletters very rarely and some users ended up between the plans even though we had many to choose from.

To make it easy to choose, we limited the number of plans to four. A free plan that includes a hundred credits per month that you can start with and if it suits you stay on. The next step is a startup plan with 10,000 credits per month, then a business plan with 100,000 credits and lastly a premium plan with 1 million credits per month. In the future we will make a little more difference between the plans with better support, unique IP number and other things for the bigger plans.

What about those who sends emails less often? Our solution is the option to buy credits. This means that you can, for example, use the free account and then buy credits (which do not expire) to send e-mails. If you end up between two plans in the amount of emails you send, you can also use credits to get to the right level.

For the users who have no money to spend at all, we also have a solution through a referral system where you can recommend Minutemailer by inviting friends with a unique referral link and thus get free credits if someone registers a account through your link.

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If you already have an account you have the option to upgrade it, buy credits or earn credits by inviting friends.

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