Minutemailer support chat using Crisp

How Minutemailer works with user feedback and requests

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Minutemailer is not a huge company but a small startup constantly learning and improving. We have a very engaged user base that gives us constant feedback that we use to improve the product.

As input we use a chat on our website and when logged in. We usually answer quite fast even late and on weekends and try to help people. You can also send us an email that goes into the same system.

The support function is powered by Crisp. A nice Intercom looking chat and support system that works quite well for us.

Depending on the questions we get we either try to guide the users to solving the problem or if it’s a bug we try to solve it as fast as possible. Sometimes the same day.

If there are user requests for features or adjustments we write them down in our Trello board and depending on how big they are and if they align with what we try to accomplish with the product we might build them quite soon.

Some of the more common requests we have gotten recently are:

  • Can’t find receipt for buying credits – we do send the receipt as an email but as Stripe (that we use for payments) doesn’t have support for one time purchases in their portal we only have subscription receipts available when logged in.
  • People asking for how to personalize emails – this is possible but a bit hidden. We are looking at changing things in the editor and will clarify it then. We should also create a guide for this.
  • Want to attach or send files – this is something we will add in the future as a feature for paid plans.
  • Want to make a custom thank you page – this is part of the work with the editor and something we have in our roadmap.
  • Want to get a better intro guide or video on how to use the editor – this will be done after the adjustments to the editor.
  • Want to get notifications when new subscribers are added – we will start a weekly statistics email that will handle this. We are also looking at notifications for just subscribers but not sure it’s needed.
  • People ask for a survey tool – not sure this should be something we should build as it requires a lot to be good. But we could think about it.
  • Want to add custom HTML to an email – The reason we don’t allow this is to ensure the emails look good in all email clients. We could support this quite easily but the result depends a lot on the user knowing what they are doing and right now we don’t have that kind of expert users.

These are just some of the questions we have received recently. As we are a small team it’s super important to make the right priorities for what we develop and don’t develop. It’s also a question of if we should listen to our current users or try to create things for users we don’t currently have.

Sometimes a feature could be for both but sometimes it’s clear it’s not our current target group.

We are always happy to get feedback. No feedback is usually a bad sign. So keep requesting things!