Oskar Glauser

Dos and Don’ts About Email Marketing as a Freelancer

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This is a guest post by Oskar Glauser on Gigway.se.

When I started freelancing a long time ago I first didn’t sell or market myself. Things just worked out. But after a while I figured I should be more proactive and use my extended network from when I worked as an Art director at an agency.

I had a lot of contacts but no quick and easy way of reaching out to all of them and give them an update. I could off course call them, or email them separately but that would take a lot of time. Or I could do some posts on social media, but if they didn’t follow me they wouldn’t see it unless I spent a lot of money on ads.

My conclusion was that the best way to reach out in an efficient way was through mass emails. After a lot of experimenting and learnings these are my top do’s and don’ts about email marketing for freelancers:

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